What is Organic Pest Control?

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In addition to standard pest control, Pest Control Cape Town also offers organic pest control. The organic option lowers dangers even more to kids, animals, and non-target animals.


What are Organic Pesticides?

– Organic pesticides are pesticides made from natural compounds.
– Organic is another name for botanical insecticides.
– Organic to Modern suggests using compounds approved and listed.
– Unlike most pesticides, which use artificial chemicals, botanical insecticides make use of essential oils. Naturally derived from plants, these important oils are approved for usage around animals, kids and food-handling locations.


What are the Benefits to Organic Products?

– Natural active ingredients
– Minimize danger to non-targets
– Because a lot of botanically-derived insecticidal compounds have consumption or stomach-based modes of action, they tend to be more selective to insect bugs and less aggressive to advantageous natural enemies, people, animals, or animals.
– They lower the risk of pests developing pesticide resistance.


The Organic Alternative

Our organic service uses oils in place of normal pest control products.

Some of these items are made with essential oils such as:

– wintergreen.
– mint.
– vanillin.
– cedar.
– rosemary.
– geraniol.
– lemongrass.
– cinnamon.
– clove.
– citronella.
– malic acid.


Organic vs. Traditional Service.

The service schedule for organic is the same as for conventional pest control. It includes the same 100% service satisfaction assurance as to our other service plans. If you experience an increase in pest activity in between your frequently arranged visits you can give us a call and we will address it at no additional expense to you.

Is Organic Effective?

Much like any item we use, organic has its benefits and disadvantages. The durability of organic products depends on the specific organic material we are using and the specific pest we are dealing with.

How Does Organic Work?

  • Similar to traditional pest control, how the product works depend on the specific product we are using. However, they work extremely well compared to conventional products.
  • Some organic materials we use consist of Octopamine. Octopamine is a crucial neurotransmitter discovered in insects and regulates their habits and metabolism. Much of these botanical items stop the Octopamine neurotransmitters and shut down the pest’s central nervous system. Mammals, birds, and fish do not have these receptors for Octopamine so these particular products will not have an adverse result on them.
  • The organic products we utilize are non-staining. Nevertheless, if there are dusts, oils, or other materials on a surface area then you might see “leaks” diminishing that surface. This is not from the product but from the surface area itself.
  • In some cases individuals are worried about a lingering odor from organic items. And while there is a smell, we often receive reports from our clients stating the smell is sweet.
  • Phytotoxicity can occur when an application of products is too heavy in a single area and plants and grass are burned. Pest Control Cape Town makes sure when applying organic products to prevent overapplying. We take the same precautions around gardens and plants as we make with traditional products.

If you think organic pest control is the ideal solution for your home or office, call us today! Our experts are more than happy to address any questions you have or offer you a free quote over the phone.